We just got word that we might lose our insurance coverage for the farm

This was after shopping extensively for farm coverage, and being turned down left and right because insurance companies don’t want to mess with food safety issues so they simply don’t cover farms anymore. We thought we’d finally found a company that would be around awhile, but late yesterday afternoon we got the call from our agent, who is as surprised and angry as we were, that we might be dropped like the proverbial hot potato. I’m really not sure what to make of this new development. If we run without coverage, and something goes wrong, we lose everything because we have to pay out of pocket. If, on the other hand, we trim down our operation to what will fit within their new guidelines, we’ll effectively gut the farm. I can actually understand if they find meats or milk or eggs too risky. But they listed as reasons to deny coverage:
1) the fact that we have sheep and harvest wool from the sheep (um, people don’t eat wool???)
2) we sell books through Amazon.com on our website (I’m totally lost on why that is a risk)
3) we sell meats for ANIMAL consumption, which the federal government doesn’t even regulate