We have a payment plan w/IRS if $250 per mo

Just for the origional $12,000 (+ fees, penalties & interest ) equals approximately $14,500. This is NOT including the new $2900.
Mom is 75, in poor health & on a very fixed income. I’m an only child so I’m it. No family to help her, or me for that matter. I know you understand the emotional & psychological baggage that comes with this. The guilt trips are never ending . She has watched all my kids “no $ charge ” forever and I feel obligated. Blah, blah, blah…
My GOAL is to get her flipping house done so she can move into it and stop paying $535 rent and:
1) start paying on the loan we have at the credit union ($254 mo for building supplies and a new furnace for it )
2) start paying the $250 IRS bill
3) start paying the prop taxes & insurance on the property.
That has been an ongoing battle /nightmare! Plumber is coming tomorrow to finish the installation of bathroom plumbing & run the gas line for the kitchen stove. After the plumbing is done, the $$$ out is going to be minimal. Maybe another $1000 total.
It’s just hard to put in the man hours when we both work full time an have a 3 yr old daughter & a 10 yr old son with aspergers Syndrome at home.
Ok. Finished whining! Lol.
Thanks for the support. It helps.