We are using Quicken

and we’ve gotten pretty comfy with using it for household spending. I even found, and spent some time building, a spending budget in Quicken which very closely resembles the DR zero-based budget. If everything were to remain the same, we’d build our planning budget in Excel, then compare how we did by downloading our spending through the month, which will auto-populate the Quicken version of the same budget, then compare side by side.

But not all things have stayed the same¬†quick cash loans. I hear tell that Quicken 2015 made a lot of changes, and some folks are saying it’s not as good as previous versions? I’d very much like to hear what changed. There have also been complaints about the 2014 version supposedly having a small business portion of the software, which none of the books explained very well and is hard to use. I have been debating upgrading to 2017, on the hopes that the small biz portion would be improved. But I don’t want to lose what works in the 2014 version. Anyone care to shed some light on how the two compare side by side? Thanks!