I’m just chiming in to tell everyone that my mom paid off her car that she bought 3 weeks ago for 4K

She doesn’t even have the plates yet. She thought about having to make a car payment for 4 years over the last 2 to 3 weeks and decided that she didn’t want to stress or worry about having to come up with the money every month.
She looked over her budget envelops and found out that she’s been forgetting to save her overtime pay from her busy season at work into her savings account. She does balance her checkbook so don’t get the wrong idea.
She discovered that with her insurance payout and with some extra money in her checking account that she could pay the car off today and not worry about a car payment. So she did!
My DH and I are working hard to convince her to snowball that into her only debt which is Sallie Mae. I tried to get her to do that when she paid off her last car four years ago, but the money didn’t go that far because I got married and moved out. She couldn’t split her expenses anymore.
I think we have her seriously considering it this time because this car payment was smaller than the last car payment and we enticed her by telling her she could probably have the student loan paid off before she would have had the car paid off. So maybe 3 years. She says she’s tired of paying on that student loan and if it wasn’t for that she could afford to live on her own. Which is true.
I just wanted to share. Sometimes my mom does listen when I don’t push, but most of the time she just sees our example and I’m learning to keep my mouth shut. I’m pretty giddy about it right now!!! 🙂