I know how frustrating that is for you

I’d be willing to bet the change in policy has to do with some knew government regulation. I know that is what pushed us out of the poultry business. You definitely cannot afford to run without insurance, that is asking for Murphy to move in your attic and “raining” down on you.
I am certain you have already checked with all the various Farm Bureau policies. How about the swine producers network? Or wool producers network? Or any other such farm production folks. Have you queried all the lists?
Also check with the company as to what it would take to “comply” it might be something as simple as a food handler’s permit—that happened to one local farmer I know. Or it could be you have to have a certain type of inspection x times a year. You’ve already done so much to be qualified as certified organic there has to be a way around this.
If the insurance company won’t cover you ask them if they know who would. Also contact your State Insurance Commissioner to find out what type of policy you would need to get and who you would need to get it from.