I feel for you

It seems like my husband and I are ALWAYS in the middle of some big mess we’re trying to fix because people just don’t care anymore. One example of this is with our doctor – who we’ve been going to for 10+ years keeps sending our bills and info to our old address (we moved 6 years ago). We go to this doctor at least once a year. A few years ago – they sent us to collections because they sent our bill to the wrong address – AGAIN! (Had they called – we would have paid the bill promptly!) We just called them again on Monday to schedule an annual exam for my hubby and, once again, they have the old address. We literally WATCH them change it on the computer screen!

Anyway – I guess in your case you could call the Attorney General. Or you could try the BBB – that may get some results.

I have many more stories like the above one. (Another example: We just refinanced our house and it took over 4 months because they messed up on so many things – we finally had to start calling the banks and taking care of things ourselves to get the ball rollling).