Hey Maria, I did contact one of the grower’s lists

and not only got two referrals to other agents that might be able to help, but also got confirmation that Nationwide is still writing policies for farms like ours. So now the question is “why not us?” I have told the agent that either the underwriter can fix this now, or I’m getting the WA Insurance Commissioner involved. If they had complained about stuff we were definitely selling and planned to continue to sell, and had a definite exposure risk for them (and let’s face it, some ag products are riskier than others), then I could understand. If they warned us that they’d drop us for this-or-that specific product because of changing regs or risks, and gave us time to decide whether to modify our operations to close the offending income stream, I could have even worked with that. But the way this whole thing was handled just stinks to me that something else is going on. I was definitely shell-shocked for a little while there but now I’m on a mission. Whatever the motivation, they’ll very soon be feeling like a bug under a microscope. Maybe they have justified reasons but soon they’ll have to explain that to folks with a lot more clout than me.

As for the suggestions for Dave-recommended insurance agencies, I hadn’t thought of that but I will look for that on his website. Thanks for the idea. I’m still mad, but now I’m calming down a little bit. I was mainly concerned that we have our hogs going to market in April and we wouldn’t get something turned around in time. Now I have some options. Thanks everyone – y’all are the greatest.