Hang in there

One day at a time. We too have a hefty tax bill to the tune of $25K on our business last year. We are making payments to the state and fed for around $775/month.
I wasn’t financially smart enough or dedicated enough or disciplined enough to put away enough for our taxes again this year. Hoping the bill for this one is less than 13k.
For 2013, I’ve decided that I don’t have the discipline to save up myself, so I’ve changed our withholdings from 5 to 2 and added a voluntary extra $100 to state and fed out of each paycheck. In addition, I’ve also started paying more on our paychecks and less on draw/dividends in hopes that all the extra tax paid will save us from having to pay at all in 2013!
Keep at it, eventually you will get one thing completed and you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will fire you up to keep go ing!